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Organic certified
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Midland acres is a farming company established in 1960 and situated in the heart of Zimbabwe.

The farm is now managed by 3rd and 4 th generation family members and the business has continued to grow and diversify, growing barley, wheat, seed maize and soya beans. Our core buisiness is the growing and processing of paprika, which we have been doing since 1997. Our vision is to continue growing quality agriculture produce for our country and supplying our international customers with the best quality paprika and spice. Our quality, taste and colour is unmatched


Our commercial farmers produce excellent quality paprika. We comply to stringent quality control standards to make sure our customers get top quality products. Our commercial sector creates employment for approximately 400 woman.



Midland acres supports the small scale growers sector. We have growers all over Zimbabwe producing excellent quality paprika. We provide agronomy and off-take contracts to ensure a sustainable production model, in so doing supporting the communities they live in and encouraging the production of paprika.


(Organic certified)

Midland acres have on-farm processing facilities.

The paprika is dried and processed within hours of picking and grading.

This guarantees fresh, tasty spice with beautiful colour. Our in-house laboratory facilitates basic testing and all our products are tested by internationally recognized laboratories.

We comply with stringent EU Quality standards.

Our smoked paprika is cured in chambers during the drying process, giving our spice a rich pungent quality.



 Midland acres grow barley, wheat, soya beans and seed maize for our local industry. 

This creates a sustainable platform for our paprika production by facilitating critical crop rotation. 

 Our zero tillage strategy guarantees healthy soils for all our produce. 



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